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The tween and teen years are some of the most challenging. They are at a developmentally exciting, yet often complicated and confusing time in their lives. As kids enter their teens, they are faced with a variety of shifting roles, expectations, academic demands and social pressures— all while trying to figure out their own sense of self. Teen/tween therapy can help teens/tweens work through the struggles of adolescence that can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and shame.

Outdoor Therapy

I offer clients the option to take their sessions outside. We meet at the office and spend the session walking the greenbelt. Outdoor therapy can be helpful for individuals who feel uncomfortable sitting in the office or those who just prefer to be outside. 

Fee: $175/ 50 minute session


Being a parent is not without its challenges. Parenting sessions are a great way to learn new techniques to help better connect with your children. 

Fee: $175/ 50 minute session                         



Individual psychotherapy can provide support and guidance for a variety of personal challenges. I work with new moms, new dads, seasoned moms or seasoned dads, who are having difficulties in relationships, navigating new challenges and life changes, new roles, anxiety, depression and stress management.

Fee: $175/ 50 minute session

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a way of working with multiple members in a family to nurture change and is used to recover from any past resentment and find new ways of relating to each other.

Fee: $175/ 50 minute session

Group Therapy

In a safe environment group members get to know other group members with similar experiences, while giving and receiving feedback, gaining support, and increasing self-awareness. I offer small groups tailored to the needs of tweens and adolescents, encouraging in person connection. Groups are tailored to the groups needs and are structured in a process format.

Fee: See Specific Groups for info. 


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